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10/6 - The Historic Brown -Breckenridge - CO

10/15 - Cloak & Dagger - City Hall 

10/22 - Boulder Theater - Goldroom & Autograph

10/26 - The Magician - Club Vinyl -

See you at Beanstalk Festival June 22-26 at Rancho Del Rio for the MantaFest Destiny Silent Disco Experience!!!​

I'll be spinnin' different styles for each late night, Gargae Night, Nu-Disco Night, &  Yoga Butt Sunrise!

Flying through outer space, MantaRay leaves a wake of rainbow stardust in his trail. In an attempt to preserve the existene of the human race on this planet & beyond; MantaRay has traveled through time to spread love & positivity through his Alien Disco vibrations. The Future Is Now!!!